Primary Day Approaches or Reflections on Tuesday, August 14th

Next Tuesday is PRIMARY DAY in Connecticut. Some thoughts about what concerns Manchester voters.

Four and half months ago I began this journey to become the Democratic candidate for the 13th District House seat. In my travels I’ve learned to read undecipherable house numbers, climbed driveways that would challenge a Billy goat and met a number of fine people in both Manchester and Glastonbury. 

For example, there is the young man in Manchester who raises chickens and sells eggs from his house. Good eggs, too, I might add. A senior this fall, he attends the regional vocational agriculture program in Glastonbury and belongs to the local chapter of Future Farmers of America. If we as a state encourage “smart growth” development practices then his dreams and those of his fellow classmates to work the land can be realized. In that process, we will benefit as a state not only by eating healthier, locally raised food but we will profit by utilizing nature’s air conditioning system (That’s trees.) to reduce greenhouses gasses. And truth be told, I’ve yet to find asphalt anywhere near as soothing to the body and mind as either grass or trees.  

There is the elderly Latino grandmother living off Spruce Street in Manchester who spoke of leaving Hartford to protect her grandchildren from bad influences. She wants her grandchildren to learn and get jobs better than she can find. She worries about the school system and whether she can afford next month’s rent. Making her dream come true is important - for this I know. Asian, Latino, African American, and Indian children are the future of this nation just as the Irish, Italian, German, and other non-British Europeans were at the turn of the last century. In some states like California and Texas, non-European youth all ready comprise more than 50% of the school population. By mid-century this will be true nationwide. We must successfully equip these children with the knowledge, work skills, and leadership abilities to keep this nation free, strong, and successful.

In Glastonbury off Main Street, there is a retired teacher living on a fixed income that wants to stay in Connecticut but finds that between the rising costs of just about everything including taxes that may no longer be doable. Other states, notably Florida, recognize the bind retirees are placed in and provide a friendlier tax climate for those individuals. Connecticut can and should do better by its retirees. 

These are some of the people I met walking across Manchester and Glastonbury. They expressed concerns about the environment, about schools, about the difficulty of making ends meet and, yes, about jobs. The people I spoke to want their elected officials to be both frugal with their hard earned tax dollars but also responsive to the needs of their families and communities should hard times beset them. Should you choose to elect me as your Democratic party nominee on Tuesday, August 14th, , I will do my best to be responsive to your concerns and will work to develop lasting solutions to the problems this state faces. Please consider voting for Tom Gullotta Row 2 B on Tuesday, August the 14th. 

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Lynn 860-819-1001 August 09, 2012 at 12:07 PM
I, too am in the same boat as many out there. My situation may be a little different, I gave up everything to take care of my Mom. Once she was gone (at the age of 99 1/2) I had to retire early because no one is hiring people my age out there. My income is fixed and not enough to live on. It's a pretty sad state of affairs. My other concern, and as I know, a concern of a lot of people is I can't vote in the primaries because I am an Independent. This needs to be changed, as long as we only get one vote, why can't we vote as a Republican or a Democrat? It really sounds unconstitutional to me, and also like discrimination. The primaries would be much more true if Independents could vote in the primaries!
Tom Gullotta August 09, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Linda - You can switch from INDEPENDENT to a PARTY whether D or R right now so that you can make your voice heard... Just go to Town Hall in your community and decide whether your values are those of a D or a R and register with that party... And if you want you can even switch back to I if you so choose... Some states do have open primaries enabling independents to participate and others do not... That said, clearly you want to participate and I would urge you do so... Tom


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