POLL: What Do You Think of the Superintendent's Plan to Reshuffle School Administrators?

Here's your chance to sound off and express your opinion on Interim Superintendent Richard Kisiel's proposal.

Interim Superintendent Richard Kisiel's plan to at , and came as a surprise to many after he announced at Monday's Board of Education meeting. 

Under the plan, which Kisiel said was intended to refocus administrative responsibilities on teaching and learning, Illing Middle School and Bennet Academy would see entirely new leadership teams put in place next school year, while Manchester high would also see sweeping changes to the structure of its administrative personnel, with many familiar faces at the three schools being shunted to unfamiliar locations in the fall. 

Some Patch readers applauded the changes in our article on the subject Tuesday, while others expressed concern or confusion over the intention or the purpose of the switches. But here's your chance to express your opinion on the topic by voting in our latest Patch Poll, and you can also let us know what you think about the issue in the comments section below. 

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Jon Crickmore July 01, 2012 at 11:30 AM
The so called shuffle is a waste of time. It's like changing seats on the Titanic. The result is still the same. Having dealt with Kissel personally I can tell you he is NO different then the rest. If they spend more time fixing things and less time covering things up the school system would be a much better place for the KIDS.
John Gardner July 01, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Appreciate Dean's optimism but let's not oversimplify the present, future & past. No  administrator, principal, board or interim person etc. ever "saves the day."   History repeats itself here and everywhere.  Every administration, principal and board has improvements and setbacks, wins and losses, highs and lows.   It is a complicated journey.  The question then becomes whether MHS staff is sincere about wanting to change and improve things.  Think about the countless staff reorganizations, changes in superintendents, administrators, principal and vice principals that took place over the last two decades plus the various NEASC warnings and curriculum and program changes and still no significant change. I think only the teachers can make things happen. I agree with Gary's concerns about letting the new superintendent write the plan for change at the high school. Let's hope for the best.
ABG July 02, 2012 at 05:49 PM
As a retired MHS teacher, I agree with some of what all of you have vented. Children who aren't disciplined by their parents are causing havoc in the high school. Administrators are running out of options for punishment. They're called on the carpet by the state for having too many suspension and the students understand that, continue to be disruptive and don't stay for detentions. Some parents believe that their child can do no wrong, and try to "HANG" the teacher for giving their child a failing grade. Teachers are required to "teach to the test (CAPT, etc). It leaves little room for creativity and insuring completion of the curriculum. The re-assignment of the administrator is a great idea. Some have become too complacent. Teachers need more administrative support, parents must support 'good' teachers and learn to control their kids, at an early age. Trying to discipline at 13 or 14 is too late. Stop being a friend to your kids, be a parent.
Jerry O'Connor July 02, 2012 at 09:54 PM
These changes are all positive, and give us cause for optimism. In fact, nearly all the administrative changes since Dr. Oulette exited have been improvements. While the Board of Ed is worrying about emails, legal procedures, and debating other nearly insignificant details Dr. Kisiel has taken the first steps toward getting things back on track. (Hopefully he can give the SMARTR Committee a nudge - or swift kick - in the right direction!) David Welch and his team have done an excellent job at Bennett and he may be the kind of educational superstar that can turn things around at Illing. Let's make sure his replacement at Illing doesn't lose ground. The new Principal seems to be taking the bull by the horns at MHS and shaking things up for the better. So far, though, progress seems to be coming in spite of, rather than because of, the BOE and I'd like to see them get with the Program. (C'mon folks, the Superintendent admits there are serious problems that need addressing, you should too!) Let's pray that the next permanent Superintendent keeps the momentum Dr. Kisiel has ignited after the long Oulette malaise.
Greg July 03, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Moving am administrator with proven skills to a school where those skills are needed is sound, logical and the right thing to do; however, thinking that moving the administrator that is being replaced to another assignment rather than letting him/her go may not be a good decision. That action is probably a reaction to the remarkably hard job of doing just that, letting them go. The Manchester administrators union is pretty powerful so a reassignment is the action of choice. Case in point our last superintendent. She didn't get the job done at Bennett, passed over for the MHS job so then selected as superintendent. Didn't get the job done at Bennett, and didn't get the job done as superintendent so we had to wait for her to find another job and move on when she wanted. I hope the reassignment of current administrators who did not get the job done at their current assignments will not repeat itself at their new assignments. Finally, the changes being made can not wait until someone new is selected as superintendent. The new person will have a learning curve and it will take time for he/she to learn the system, administrators and central office staff. Our kids should not have to wait another minute for the system to change/improve. A year is a long time when we only have them for 13 years. They deserve the BEST every year starting right NOW.


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