MHS' Television News Teaches Journalism, Civics and, Uh, Stress Management

Manchester Television News, a course at Manchester High School, teaches students about the technology and techniques associated with a television production.

More commonly known as Manchester Television News, Manchester High School’s broadcast journalism class teaches students the technology and techniques associated with a professional television news production.

Students gain hands on experience through planning, writing, setting up, shooting, editing, directing, and serving as the on-air talent for their own studio productions.

“It’s amazing how students can produce such a professional news station pretty much,” said Jessie Niggebrugge, a junior at MHS who takes the class and serves as an on-air sports anchor for broadcasts. “I think it’s amazing how we have the technology and we know how to create news stories and get information and it goes out to the community. I think it’s really nice, and I also think a lot of other schools don’t have something like this.”

Although students conceded during a recent taping that the productions can at times become hectic and stressful, they uniformly said they enjoyed the course and found it quite challenging and informative. Many even said they were thinking about journalism or news production as a major in college or as a possible future career thanks to the course. 


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