Manchester Election Results

Official election results as provided by the Manchester Registrars of Voters.

Referendum Question

Yes: 3,980
No:  2,562

Board of Directors

*Leo Vincent Diana (D): 4,295
*Jay Moran (D): 3,984
*Lisa Paggioli O'Neill (D): 3,842
*Rudy C. Kissman (D): 3,718
*Steve Gates (D): 3,528
*John D. Topping (D): 3,480
*Cheri Ann Pelletier (R): 3,260
*Mark Tweedie (R): 3,215
*Susan Holmes (R): 3,099
Dennis Brenner (R): 2,593
Kimbery Mencarini (R): 2,572
William Johnson (R): 2,461

Board of Education 2011-2014 Term

*Sarah Walton (D): 3,805 
*Jason Scappaticci (D): 3,729
*Merrill Kidd (R): 2,898
Ron Atawater (R): 2,790

Board of Education 2012-2015 Term

*Maria W. Cruz (D): 3,612
*Neal Leaon (D): 3,462
*Michael Crockett (R): 3,367
 Gordeon Thomas Ward (R): 2,766

Board of Selectman 

*Steve Cassano (D): 4,103
*Joesph J. Diminico (D): 3,487
*Wally Irish (R): 3,005
Ron Mercier (R): 2,654


*Chuck Barrera (D): 3,461
*Warren J. Packer (D): 3,445
*Edward Slegeski (D): 3,396
*Jon Orfitelli (R): 3,292
*Gary Benson (R): 3,182
*Albert J. Gionet (D): 3,037
*Salvatore Mancini (R): 2,882
Gerald Dierman (R): 2,462

* denotes elected candidate 


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