Kidd to Quit Republican Party

Kidd said she plans to resign from the Republican Town Committee and switch her political affiliation to "unaffiliated" Monday.

plans to resign on Monday - just not from the Board of Education. 

Kidd, a Republican, sent an email to party chairman Matthew Galligan Friday afternoon obtained by Patch stating that she plans to resign from the party on Monday and switch her political affiliation to "unaffiliated." Kidd currently serves as secretary of the Republican Town Committee. 

"I would like to step down as secretary of the MRTC and from the MRTC. I will be changing my party affiliation to unaffiliated on Monday morning," Kidd wrote in an email Friday. 

Kidd declined to comment about the situation Saturday, stating only "we'll find out Monday" when asked about her plans. 

Galligan confirmed the validity of the email Saturday. He said he received it about 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, an hour after he had had a brief discussion with Kidd urging her to resign from the Board of Education for . 

"We are no longer standing behind Merrill Kidd and I have urged her to resign from the Board of Education," Galligan told Patch Saturday. "At this point for the benefit of Manchester, and more importantly the Manchester students, we have to move forward and put this thing behind us." 

Galligan called Kidd a "friend" and said the party initially rallied around her when allegations emerged that Kidd sent harassing late-night Facebook messages to another member of the Board of Education, Democrat Kelly Luxenberg, because it first seemed that Kidd was the target of a political attack. However, he called Kidd's tenure on the Board of Education untenable Saturday. 

There is of elected members of the Board of Education or Board of Directors for improper or illegal conduct, so there is nothing the school board or Republican Town Committee can do to force Kidd's resignation. Kidd, who has stated in the past she has no plans to resign from the Board of Education, declined to discuss the issue Saturday. 

JK124 March 05, 2012 at 10:42 AM
The problem here is that A.) Kidd believes this will "never happen again," and 2.) Kidd sees the BOE as "coming together." First - Mrs. Kidd seems to be incapable of curtailing this kind of immature, shoot-from-the-hip behavior. Her late night rants at any hour, followed by voicemails, emails, and anything else down in that FaceBook pit will no more stop than than a fish will live on land. Second - If Mrs. Kidd feels the BOE is "coming together," than I strongly suggest she checks the definition of "together." By first alienating and ripping one party, then by abandoning the party that supported, Kidd is creating a bigger divide, not bridging one. Her false selflessness in changing to unaffiliated party status was more about bitterness toward her former party than anything else - everyone can see that. Kidd has proven herself to be divisive on a massive scale, childish, and incapable of correcting her behavior. Nothing but the best for the Manchester schoolchildren on the Board of Education, I see. Not exactly an equally honorable replacement for Mrs. Pazda and Mrs. Silver.
Carl Stafford March 06, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Why did Mrs. Kidd delete her comments?
Michael Farina March 08, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Repeating what was said to me from across the aisle, off camera, is hardly the use of profanity as you have characterized it. When people swore at me, I called them on it and repeated word for word what was said to me during a Board meeting. I will always stand up to people's inappropriateness, and I am heartened to see that people are no longer putting up with yours. Not one single resident should have to put up with your threats.
Michael Farina March 08, 2012 at 05:04 AM
Don't you see that it is exactly comments like "get a life" and "your [you're] a puppet" which make you unfit to serve on the Board of Education? I am incredibly disappointed that our town must deal with an elected official who verbally attacks and threatens residents. It is my hope that you will realize the harm you are doing and resign. Our school system deserves better. Goodnight, Merrill; I wish you well, but this needs to stop.
David Moran March 08, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen - enough. These comments (and it's mainly a few people) have strayed FAR beyond the topic of this article. You are free to post on Patch as long as you abide by the Terms of Use policy: http://manchester.patch.com/terms But this is not the place to make personal accusations, argue with or ridicule one another back and forth. I've disabled the comments on this article.


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