South Windsor Police: Alleged Impersonator Was Hartford Detective

No criminal charges will be filed in incident that resulted in a complaint filed by a South Windsor woman.

South Windsor police have cleared the alleged police impersonator incident that took place on New Year’s Eve.

A young woman reported on Dec. 31, 2012 that she was stopped on the Bissell Bridge area of I-291 by a Black Chevy Impala that displayed flashing red/blue lights behind the windshield, according to South Windsor police.

The woman reported that the man told her that she was “beautiful” and subsequently followed her onto Route 5 and Sullivan Avenue. She reported the incident to South Windsor police several hours later.

According to Chief of Police Matthew Reed, once that incident was widely reported in the media, Hartford police notified South Windsor officials that the alleged impersonator was, in fact, a Hartford police detective.

Reed said that the detective’s narrative diverges from the complainant, as he said that he pulled over the young woman in Hartford on the Windsor town line and told her to slow down. He said that he did not issue her a ticket, nor did he say that she was “beautiful.”

The detective, who is a South Windsor resident, said that he did not follow the woman but instead headed home in the same direction as the woman was going, Reed said.

“We got in touch with him,” said Reed, noting that he did not know the name of the detective. “It’s a ‘He said, she said’ situation. There is no crime involved in South Windsor, or anywhere that we know of. … This was a legitimate police officer.”

As such, Reed said that the matter was then referred to the Hartford police internal affairs division, as any further complaint would be through the Hartford police department.


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