Police: Man Who Killed Himself and Two Others in Wyoming Did Not Live in Vernon For Long

Police seized several items during a search and evidence is being sent to Casper police.

Vernon police on Monday said they seized some paper records, a computer printer and "several other items" from the room Christopher Krumm rented in a Grove Street tenement and are in the process of delivering them to investigators in Casper, WY as authorities continue to piece together why Krumm killed himself and two others on Friday at Casper College.

They added that Krumm had not lived in Vernon for long, but he did have a pending application for handgun permit. 

Krumm, 25, traveled from Vernon to Wyoming, where he killed a woman with a knife, his father with a bow and arrow and then himself, Casper police said. On Friday, Vernon police were contacted by Casper police in relation to the homicide investigation, Lt. William Meier said in a Monday news conference in Vernon.

Vernon detectives on Friday executed a search warrant at 24 Grove St., where Krumm rented a room - Unit 32 on the third floor. Meier described the tenement as a "shared living situation," a boarding house with a common bathroom. As a precaution, the Hartford Police Bomb Squad was contacted and assisted Vernon police with the search. No "hazardous devices" were found, Meier said.

"We were playing it safe," Vernon Police Chief James Kenny said after the news conference. "We know there could be booby traps set, so the Bomb Squad  assisted us - just in case - based on past incidents (nationwide)."

Meier said, "There does not appear to be any significant items seized from the apartment."

He said the items seized are considered police evidence and no further information is being released. Everything taken from the room will be turned over to the Casper authorities, Meier said.

Vernon police had contact with Krumm once - the week before Thanksgiving. On Oct. 17, Krumm came into the Vernon Police Department and filed a pistol permit application, Meier said. Krumm was fingerprinted and his completed application was collected, but the application was still pending at the time of the Wyoming incident, Meier said.

"No permit had been issued to Krumm," Meier said.

Meier added, "Vernon Police had no other documented contacts with Krumm. From the information gathered, it appears he has only lived at the Grove Street address for a few months."

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