Naked Man Causes Scare at Wendy's

Robert Mitchell is facing disorderly conduct charges after Saturday's incident.

Police arrested a Manchester man Saturday after he wandering into the Wendy's on Broad Street naked and intoxicated and screamed and cursed at restaurant staff and police. 

According to Manchester Police Cpt. Christopher Davis, Robert Mitchell, of 330 Center St., "staggered" out of the woods behind the Wendy's at 260 Broad St. at approximately 6:04 p.m. Saturday night naked and intoxicated. Davis said Mitchell then entered the restaurant naked, and screamed at staff to call 911. 

When police arrived a short time later, Davis said Mitchell was "wearing a pair of shorts that were 8 to 10 sizes too large for him" and staggering back towards the woods. Mitchell disobeyed police orders and screamed and cursed at the officers as well, Davis said. 

Mitchell was charged with breach of peace and held on a $1,000 bond. 

Jon Crickmore September 13, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Steven Manchester September 13, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Jon - what a aurpeise that you were once a passenger in the back seat.... this is such an odd website. I only found it b/c I googled the story about Mitchell to see what it was about. Also, Jon, I wasn't the one that used the words creeps to describe the homeless - YOU brought that into the equation and now keep using it... maybe your true feelings are coming out. I guess I was just surprised to see all the negative government/police/first responder rhetoric in these posts... it is so very sad.
Steven Manchester September 13, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Oh, and Jon..... yes, even a law-abiding citizen like me may still exercise his first amendment rights - even if I choose to remain anonymous - and even if a drug addict finds it offensive. Also, you're right - Mitchell doesn't belong in the woods - he belongs in jail. He made a CHOICE that night to get drunk and run into Wendy's naked - in front of children. Pity him? No, I choose accountability - you and your friends go ahead and continue to blame everyone else for his choices and actions - it makes it very easy for him to play the victim.
Steven Manchester September 13, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Thank you for allowing me to post - I have to get away from this site, so I won't be responding anymore. I think my posts were received as "angry" or "defensive" because they don't align with most others. The plan for tent city is to cut the trees, install lights and evict the campers towards the end of the Broad Street project - regardless of your "petition". I hope it happens - I most certainly don't want them there either. My point was, this is not our policemen's fault. The MPD street officer gets a relatively low salary for what they do and see, and then gets treated pretty crappy by the town and administration. Most of the cops I've come into contact with abhor tent city, but thier hands are tied. Why attack them when they're out there every night trying to keep the rest of us safe 24-7, weekends and holidays away from their family? Why do we give the campers the benefit of the doubt over the officers? Why find excuses for Mitchell when he attempts to fight an officer - when all that officer wants to do is protect the citizens and then go home safe to his family at the end of his shift? The cops are people... take that uniform off and they have homes with families and children. Most took this job with the hopes they could make this town a little better for the rest of us - and then they get attacked as "worthless" in these posts....?? Shame on us! Kevin, Jon and Frank - how about some petitioning to drum up neighborhood support for our officers and firemen?
Frank September 14, 2012 at 10:53 AM
I think we have pretty moderate support for officers and firemen in town, I mean the overtime to retirement plan seems pretty generous. I am not holding individual police officers accountable for homeless running amuck in town but as an organization the MPD hasn't done a good job on this issue, if you can't admit that it is the responsibility of the police department to enforce law and that currently our large homeless population isn't generally obeying the law then their is no point because you can't accept reason and/or logic. BOD and town is to blame for not enforcing building and health code, its just a fact. Its like achievement in our schools, it isn't where it needs to be so the BOE admits this and attempts to make things better, you don't hear them saying "there is nothing we can do, the kids come from poverty so what are we supposed to do? if the poorer families had never moved to town we would be fine, an imaginary plan is that one day they will move out of town and everything will be great". Instead they say, ok we have many challenges and so lets start trying solutions. This "plan" for tent city is to cut down trees and put up lights? This is private property how can the town plan to do this? You can't argue it's private property and then in the next breath say, oh well someday we will cut down the trees, crazy talk. Is this plan the same as the plan that one day an imaginary builder will come in and put a Blue Back Square at the South Parkade? Dreams not plans.


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