Patch's Poll: Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

Depending on your personality, your house is already spotless or you still need to buy the turkey.


While everyone's talking about Black Friday, there are still some people who actually have to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and deal with the mess after it.

They often fall into several categories:

1) Uber-prepared: This person ordered the free-range turkey months ago, planned out the timing of the meal on a spreadsheet and pre-baked the pie shells for easy filling.

2) Winging it: This person has a decent handle on the process, having cooked Thanksgiving many times before, and knows that if the ingredients are in the house, the meal will come together.

3) Panicked: This poor soul has either never cooked Thanksgiving dinner before or just tends to procrastinate. That means he or she will be in line at midnight for last minute items like the turkey.

Do you fall into one of these categories? Are you some hybrid, or are you just truly thankful that you don't have to cook on Thanksgiving Day?

Take our poll and tell us in the comments.


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