EMPOWER Moonlight Tours

Extreme Adventure:  Moonlight Zip Line Trips through EMPOWER’s Adventure Course


EMPOWER offering zip lining at night during the full moon September 20th to 22nd




Middletown, CT (September 12, 2013) EMPOWER Leadership Sports & Adventure Center on South Main Street in Middletown is home to the region’s coolest adventure – moonlight zip lining!  On Friday September 20th through Sunday September 22nd EMPOWER will be running Moonlight Zip Line Adventures at their facility on South Main Street in Middletown at 7:30pm and 8:15pm each night.


This nighttime adventure takes place on the 30 acre EMPOWER facility on a zip line course that boasts of 5 long and fast zip lines ranging from 200 to over 650 feet.  This canopy “tour” is unique in that each zip line takes participants from tree top to tree top, with this sky trail journey flying up to 80 feet over ground through the forest canopy.  EMPOWER has Connecticut’s only true canopy tour experience and when set up for night time zip lining, provides an even more intense kind of challenge for participants.  Brandon Howard, 16, from Portland commented, “I’ve been here (EMPOWER) during the day and had fun but this night time zipping is off the charts.  It was freaky and cool all at the same time!”


As the sun goes down, the EMPOWER staff works to turn their daytime operation into a very different night time expedition.  Armed with lanterns and head lamps, EMPOWER tour guides lead groups of participants through the zip line course.  As zip liners progress further and further through the course, they find themselves gaining confidence and forgetting about the mere fact that they are 50-60 feet off the ground.  The suspension bridges are a bit more challenging in the dark but that is what makes this moonlit expedition special, “the Moonlight Canopy Tours are for people who want to take zip lining to the next level,” commented Dan Jaskot, EMPOWER’s General Manager.  “Anytime you take away someone’s ability to see clearly what they are doing, it is going to freak them out.  Zip lining at night under the full moon is certainly freaky.”


To reserve your space for this unique adventure go online to www.LeadershipSports.com or call the office at 860-638-4754.  Space is limited and filling up fast; don’t wait until the last minute to make reservations.



Read more about EMPOWER and the Moonlight Tours on Facebook.


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