Meet Tim Dugan, Marketing Specialist for Comprehensive Business Solutions

“No mess is too big, no business is too small.”

I met Tim Dugan at a Greater Manchester Chamber networking event earlier this year. Tim offered to talk about Comprehensive Business Solutions for Manchester Patch. I am always interested in writing about businesses in Manchester, and a few months later we got together at Tim's office at 1395a Tolland Turnpike.

Timothy Becker: Tim, what services are offered by Comprehensive Business Solutions?

Tim Dugan: We provide bookkeeping, accounting, human resource consultation, marketing, business and financial management services, all tailored to meet the needs of each client. Our services are designed to make our client's job easier and to provide them with more time to build their business.

Timothy Becker: What is you role within the company?

Tim Dugan: I started in August of 2011 as a marketing specialist. I handle networking events, leads groups, social media, and search engine optimization. Last year we did not have a web presence and now we have a strong ranking on Google. Over the last year our business has grown by almost 50 percent with the addition of 45 new clients. We now also offer our clients the marketing services that I provide including websites, social media consulting, and search engine optimization.

Timothy Becker: How are your services different than a CPA firm?

Tim Dugan: We often find that many CPA firms don't offer the services that we provide.

We prepare receipts, records and paperwork and organize them for use by a CPA. We offer accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, journal entry, bank reconciliation, and accounting clean up. No mess is too big, no business too small.

Timothy Becker: Can you explain how you have helped business clean up a mess with their bookkeeping?

Tim Dugan: Business owners can get overwhelmed and into a bind really quickly. We can help businesses that are behind on their books and correct work that was done incorrectly. Some of our clients have been using outdated accounting software. We can covert their records to the latest version of QuickBooks. Business owners can bring us their shoebox.

Timothy Becker: How do you handle the bookkeeping for your rclients on an ongoing basis?

Tim Dugan: We have clients that are out-of-state and right down the street. We can handle our clients bookkeeping on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our clients can drop off and pick up hard copies, or we can send a bookkeeper to their business. We also offer a virtual connection so that we can work on their computer from our offices.

Timothy Becker: I understand that you also offer QuickBooks training at Comprehensive Business Solutions?

Tim Dugan: We have the QuickBooks Pro-Advisor certification. We offer QuickBooks classes as well as one-on-one training. Businesses send their bookkeepers here for classes. We also have many clients that come for classes so that they will better understand the work that we do on their books.

Timothy Becker: What human resource services do you provide?

Tim Dugan: We write employee handbooks, and we are human resource compliance and benefits consultants. We can also act as a controller for a small and medium size business to oversee all financial operations within a company.

Timothy Becker: Why would a business owner want to hire your firm rather than an employee?

Tim Dugan: We are a service that doesn't need office space, benefits, or workers comp. Also, we often get things done faster.


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