Meet Kathy Moule, owner of Kathy's Kidz Kare in Manchester

"Child care has been my whole life". ~ Kathy Moule

Kathy Moule is a customer of "Hair by Design" in Manchester and she wrote to me after reading a recent "Manchester Perspectives" interview with Nancy Quinn to find out if I would be inerested in writing about her home daycare business.

I am always interested in writing about Manchester business owners, and I had never interview a home-based business owner before. I visited Kathy's Kidzcare and did an interview during playtime.

Timothy Becker: Kathy what services do you provide here at Kathy's Kidzcare?

Kathy Moule: The children call me “Nana Kate”. I have been a licensed family child care provider for 27 years. It is not babysitting. I am an extension of each child's family. I provide the love, care and nutrition as well as learning through play.

Timothy Becker: Do you offer a special meal program?

Kathy Moule: I participate in the federal ACCESS nutrition program. I am required to keep attendance records and a record of each day's menu. I am monitored by the ACCESS program and I am required to take a nutrition training program every year.

Timothy Becker: What are your hours of operation?

Kathy Moule: I am available from 7 am to 11 pm for parents that work second shift, Monday through Friday. I also offer after school care and school vacation care.

Timothy Becker: What is required by the Town of Manchester and the state of Connecticut to operate your business?

Kathy Moule: I registered my trade name with the Town. The Connecticut Department of Public Health requires a day care home license. The state does unannounced visits to monitor the operation. Their last visit was in May. I passed all the requirements.

Timothy Becker: How did you get started doing child care?

Kathy Moule: Child care has been my whole life. I am the oldest of four siblings. As a high school student I did a lot of babysitting for friends and family. When I graduated from high school, my first job was as a nanny for a neighbor of a relative in Manchester. I worked in retail for a few years and then took a position as a school van driver. My first day care client rode with me and my sons. When my two sons Jamey and Richard were seven and ten I felt that they needed me at home, so I decided to become a day care provider. It was my privilege to take care of my granddaughter Carly at my day care from birth until age five.

Timothy Becker: What is a typical day like at your daycare?

Kathy Moule: After the children arrive I offer breakfast at 8:30 am. After breakfast, weather permitting, we have playtime outdoors. I have a play yard that includes: a play house, a teeter-totter, a slide, and an octopus merry-go-round. Next we do learning time indoors. We work on puzzles, curriculum craft time, coloring and drawing. That takes us to lunch at 11:30 . I offer a protein, a grain, two fruits or a vegetable and milk. After lunch it is nap time from one to three. At three we have a snack and then it is play time until pick-up time between four and six pm.

Timothy Becker: Are you a member of any professional organizations?

Kathy Moule: I am a member of FCCPA-MA , that is the Family Child Care Association, Manchester Area and the Bolton Network. These support groups help with advertising , workshops and offer guest speakers.

Timothy Becker: Who do you call if you need help?

Kathy Moule: My husband Gary is my licenses substitute. If I have medical appointment Gary covers for me.

Timothy Becker: How do you get referrals for clients?

Kathy Moule: I get referrals from the 211 Info Line, Care 4 Kids, and from the FCCPA-MA organization, and friends.

Timothy Becker: How much longer do you plan to offer your services?

Kathy Moule: I don't plan to retire soon. It is a privilege to offer my home, love and services to families.


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