Meet Jon Grobofski and Mark LaCombe, Owners of ML Fitness

“We have BIG plans down here at ML Fitness.”

Jon Grobofski and Mark LaCombe started ML Fitness at 46 Purnell Place, behind Main Street, by renovating an area with dirty floors and open space into a sparkling new fitness center and brought with them their own philosophy about fitness. ML Fitness is not your typical gym.

Timothy Becker: When did you open ML Fitness?

Jon Grobofski: ML Fitness officially began training clients July 15 of this year. We had a strong clientele base amongst our trainers coming with us to our facility. This created an easy transition for our clients and for us as a business to continue success with their programs and ours.

Timothy Becker: What is ML Fitness and how is your fitness center different from the big name gyms?

Mark LaCombe: ML Fitness takes the “atmosphere” of a Gym and the “concept” of a Personal Training and Aerobics Studio to the next level by providing Manchester, and surrounding towns, with its first Private Fitness Center. At ML Fitness, you are not a member, you are a client! And more importantly, you are part of a TEAM!

Timothy Becker: What education and experience do you have?

Jon Grobofski : I have a bachelor’s degree for ECSU in Sports Management along with a certification through NSCA, one of the top certification associations for personal training in the country. Mark and I have managed several of the large fitness facilities across the country, have been in charge of several large fitness professional work forces, and private studios across the country, these experiences have given us a vast range of knowledge in working within the fitness industry.

Timothy Becker: How has the location worked for you?

Mark LaCombe: We were not looking to be a “Main Street” club. Our location provides ample parking, being adjacent to the municipal parking lot for Main Street. We are off of Main Street but provide that private club feel as well.

Timothy Becker: Do you offer a monthly membership?

Mark LaCombe: At ML Fitness there is NO membership fee! We offer a comprehensive fitness program. These programs begin with a complimentary fitness evaluation, which is a chance to experience and understand the benefits of working out with fitness professionals. After that, we can develop a specific program that will help each client reach their fitness and personal goals. All programs are designed to fit around any schedule, and into any budget.

Timothy Becker: What types of classes do you offer?

Jon Grobofski: We offer a wide variety of group fitness classes, including Zumba, Yoga, kickboxing, boot camp, circuit training, and core classes. All these classes are with certified instructors and especially the boot camp, circuit training, and core classes, are instructed by our top certified fitness professionals who provide one-on-one and small group personal training as well.

Timothy Becker: What did you need to do to renovate the building for your fitness studio?

Mark LaCombe: When we started down here in the spring it was nothing but dirt floors and cement walls. Along with Don Dubaldo Electric, we created a clean, organized, and well thought out private fitness center. Jon and I had plans for months picking up specific pieces for the facility and brought together a facility that matches our philosophies on fitness. Literally, we carried in the flooring and laid it down; hung large mirrors, moved in large pieces of equipment, and endless tasks to get ML Fitness up and running. Along with the support of our family and friends painting murals, hanging mirrors, and providing endless support to questions and problems, ML Fitness' location on Purnell Place was created. We couldn’t have ever done it without them!!

Timothy Becker: What are the plans for ML Fitness in 2012?

Jon Grobofski: We have BIG plans down here at ML Fitness. We are going to be adding classes and time to our fitness programming; protein and supplement bars for our clients to get their nutritional needs and a wide range of educational and informative clinics throughout the year. As a new member of the Manchester and Central Connecticut Business community we find it important to be a part of charitable and social events for the upcoming year. We feel a great sense of responsibility in being a part of our community as a business and as residents and homeowners of Manchester.


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