Manchester Home Sales: Sept. 6 - Sept. 13, 2012

Cougar Drive home sells for $358,500.

$358,500, 140 Cougar Drive: Jeffrey R. and Adriana M. Bernabeo to Steven J. and Alison E. Watson, date filed Sept. 13. 

$235,000, 56 Redwood Road: Deborah M. and Keith S. Nelson to Kristin Loranger, date filed Sept. 6. 

$222,500, 249 East Center Street: R.T.M. Associates to Davjon LLC, date filed Sept. 13. 

$206,000, 61 Patriot Lane: Marjory B. Powers to Norman C. McFarlane, date filed Sept. 10. 

$190,000, 133 Ralph Road: Donald F. Verchick to Wahida A. Muntasir, date filed Sept. 11. 

$189,750, 176 Hackmatack Street: Deborah L. Morin to Christina M. LaCaprucia, date filed Sept. 6. 

$169,000, 69 Garth Road: Karen Shauster to Robert P. Croteau, date filed Sept. 5. 

$162,500, 434 Spring Street: David C. and Judith L. Mohr to Charles and Janette Fraser, date filed Sept. 10. 

$162,000, 13 Falknor Drive: Rodney Dubay to Janet Drusilla Carter, date filed Sept. 12. 

$158,000, 40 Englewood Drive: Estate of Catherine H. Vendetta to Ryan T. Martocci, date filed Sept. 11. 

$149,900, 38 Strickland Street: LPP Mortgage Ltd. to Donna Ree-Beckford, date filed Sept. 10. 

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$145,900, 110 Lyness Street: Anthony C. and Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta, date filed Sept. 12. 

$145,000, 181 Hollister Street: Gertrude I. Tinklepaugh to Cameron T. Taylor, date filed Sept. 10. 

$140,000, 55 Delmont Street: Michael and Taryn Westfall to Antonio Ruiz, date filed Sept. 10. 

$136,000, 54 Florence Street: Estate of Linda Bennett to John Moneta, date filed Sept. 11. 

$128,000, 150 Parker Street: Estate of Elizabeth E. Nagorhy to Jacob Kozak, date filed Sept. 7. 

$111,000, 72 Hemlock Street: Josephine M. Carlson to Develyn Knighton, date filed Sept. 6. 

$72,800, 1178A Middle Turnpike West: Jessica B. Desantis to Pooty Modi, date filed Sept. 6. 


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