Manchester Home Sales: Sept. 22 - Sept. 28, 2012

Nina's Way home sells for $246,000.

$246,000, 54 Nina's Way: Estate of Mary K. Sulick to Carolee and Michael Litwinka, date filed Sept. 26. 

$213,000, 545 East Center Street: Barbara J. O'Donnell and Lelia R. Druzdis to Claudia L. Mancini, date filed Sept. 28. 

$180,000, 99 Plymouth Lane: Anne. M. Packard to Carolyn M. Hussey, date filed Sept. 24. 

$160,000, 35 Keeney Street: Kenneth Eggleston to William S. Nikitas, date filed Sept. 28. 

$157,500, 63 Eva Drive: Robert C. and Marjorie Knight to Timothy M. Devanney and Brittany D. Devanney, date filed Sept. 28. 

$155,000, 152 Hollister Road: Keith R. and Tracy Anderson to Thomas and Amanda Chalifoam, date filed Sept. 28. 

$150,000, 80 Oakwood Road: Vivyane Kima Committee to OneWest Bank, FSB, date filed Sept. 27. 

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$145,000, Titan Acquisitions, LLC to Laurel F. Montiel, date filed Sept. 28. 

$141,000, 105 Branford Street: Estate of Andreas Lorenzen to David K. Tincopa and Anna Paula, date filed Sept. 26. 

$140,000, 54 McKinley Street: Estate of Janice H. Brendel to David R. Benson Jr. and Lindsay Benso, date filed Sept. 24. 

$140,000, 73-75 Summer Street: Conrado R. Culalic to Gramoz Mema, date filed Sept. 27. 

$92,000, 146 Chestnut Street: HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Marisol Cartagena, date filed Sept. 27. 

$51,000, 78 Lockwood Street: Wells Fargo Bank NA as trustee for Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to 78 Lockwood, LLC, date filed Sept. 27. 


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