Meet Arkay Nair, Author of 'Discovery of the Grand Unified Theory'

"All engineers do their calculations as the earth being stationary. You must use your common sense. Einstein said don't trust common sense. He was absolutely wrong on that."

When Manchester Patch Editor Dave Moran forwarded a message from Arkay Nair's publicist, I have to admit I was intrigued. A Manchester resident who believes that Einstein's theories are all wrong, sounded like someone that I would like to interview. I wasn't disappointed.

Timothy Becker: Arkay, what inspired you to write “ The Grand Unified Theory” ?

Arkay Nair: I am a science graduate and I started to question the way science was progressing. I was always fascinated with science. Einstein's ideas are still considered a theory not a law, and he is wrong.

Timothy Becker: Do you have any background in physics or astronomy?

Arkay Nair: I am a researcher. I have a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and I minored in botany and zoology. I worked as chemist for a few years before emigrating to the U.S. I earned an MBA in 1985 and worked in business for the next 25 years. My sons Arjun and Shankar are now doctoral candidates at Harvard.

Timothy Becker: Have you had difficulty having your theory accepted by the scientific community?

Arkay Nair: Absolutely. Physics is controlled by the American Physical Society. I have been a member since 2008, and I attend their meetings. I submitted my research, but they refused to publish it.

Timothy Becker: You mention in your introduction that because of your discovery, we are better able to solve the energy crisis and global warming. How would your theory help to solve these problems?

Arkay Nair: We are now thinking that carbon dioxide is bad. All animals depend on plants. Scientists are on the wrong track regarding carbon.

Timothy Becker: What brought you to Manchester?

Arkay Nair: I used to live in Avon. Now that my sons are attending Harvard, we are closer to our sons. We moved here in 2006. Manchester is a great town.

Timothy Becker: You mention the Michelson-Morley experiment in your book. In simple terms, what is that?

Arkay Nair: The experiment proved that the speed of light is a constant. The correct inference is that the Earth does not move.

Timothy Becker: Scientists have recently questioned Einstein's theory regarding the speed of light being a constant. Any thoughts on the recent discovery?

Arkay Nair: They discovered that the speed of anti-matter is faster than the speed of light. That is because it is not matter.

Timothy Becker: In you book you propose that matter has a fourth state in addition to gas, solid and liquid. What is that fourth state?

Arkay Nair: In 300 B.C. there was a Greek philosopher named Empdocles. He said that there are four states of matter. He called it air, earth, water and fire. Earth is the solid, water is the liquid, and air is the gas. Fire is plasma. Plasma is the forth state. What is called empty space is filled with plasma.

Timothy Becker: Your theory of Earth as the center of the universe leaves you open to criticism. How do you answer you critics?

Arkay Nair: Copernicus's theory is only a mathematical model. All engineers do their calculations as the earth being stationary. You must use your common sense. Einstein said don't trust common sense. He was absolutely wrong on that.

Timothy Becker: In the epilogue you talk about forming your research company, RASS Corporation. What goals do you have for doing further research?

Arkay Nair: My idea is a theory. There are many large, well established companies that have capital and research departments that can use my help as a consultant. I also could share my ideas with research universities.

Timothy Becker: I understand that you are writing a second book on the philosophy behind the “Grand Unified Theory.” How are you progressing on your next book?

Arkay Nair: I am working on organizing my material. The premise will be a further explanation of the mathematics, the physics, the life sciences, and the philosophy of the Grand Unified Theory. I plan to publish it next year.

Timothy Becker: Where is your book available?

Arkay Nair: You can purchase it through the publisher, authorhouse.com, at amazon.com, or at Barnes & Nobel.


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