SAT Bootcamp

In just two days, come learn everything you need to know to outsmart the SAT from the only prep company whose curriculum developers have earned multiple perfect scores (2400) on the test. With Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp, you'll arm yourself with a strategy for every type of question guaranteed to be on the exam, learn how to avoid the most common traps, and discover how to compose a perfect-score essay -- no matter what question is asked! The Bootcamp is a momentum-building seminar that gives students not only the insights and confidence they need the day of the test, but also Catalyst's self-study materials for sustained practice right up to the SAT itself.

Cost is only $165. Bootcamp runs Monday, January 13th and Wednesday, January 15th, 4pm - 8pm both days; sign up online at www.CatalystPrep.com, or call 800.235.0056.



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